New Publication!

Our latest project publication is the special journal issue Waves across the Pond: Exiling Clerics in Late Antiquity, Studies in Late Antiquity: A Journal, vol. 3.3 (2019), edited by our PI, Julia Hillner, with articles by Jennifer Barry (Mary Washington), Richard Flower (Exeter), Elisabeth O’Connell (British Museum) and Julia.

Reprint and impact of my book on book-burning

One year after its first appearance my book “Christianity, Book-Burning and Censorship in Late Antiquity: Studies in Text Transmission” (De Gruyter, 2016) has been published as a more affordable paperback reprint edition (Baylor University Press, 2017). Catherine Nixey has also just published a book for a general readership “The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of […]

Database presentation at ‘Poena aut venia? Attitudes to Emigration in Rome, Byzantium and Beyond’, part I

I’ve recently returned from a fantastic workshop at the American Academy in Rome, organised by Ekaterina Nechaeva. Ekaterina, a EURIAS fellow at the Collegium Helveticum, works on a decidedly understudied topic, refugees from the late Roman empire. The workshop in Rome looked at emigration in a wider sense, for Ekaterina had managed to assemble a […]

Sheffield Travels into Late Antiquity

This blog post was written by Dominik Kocbuch, MA intern on the project in 2016-17 Late antiquity remains an elusive label. Speak to people about the ancient times – the Egyptians, Caesar or Nero, and you are bound to hear something; similarly with the Middle Ages – but late antiquity, reflecting its nascent status in […]

Conference report ‘Forced Movement in Late Antiquity’

Our final major project conference ‘Forced Movement in Late Antiquity’ was held at the German Historical Institute in London from 6 to 8 April 2017. The aims and objectives of this conference were to explore cultural, social and religious transformations as a direct result of mobility within the Mediterranean world of Late Antiquity and beyond. […]

Constantine and the Cross

Did the apostles Peter and Paul actually know each other? Among many others, this was one of the questions by our very clever audience at our last film showing, Quo Vadis, and it’s a good one: we simply don’t know! Some sources (the Acts of the Apostles and Paul’s Letter to the Galatians) allude to […]

Forced Movement in Late Antiquity — Programme

German Historical Institute London (GHIL) Thursday, 6 April 9.45-10.15 Registration and Coffee 10.15-11.00 Welcome (Julia Hillner, Sheffield) & The Migration of Faith: Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity — Database Launch (Dirk Rohmann, Sheffield) 11.o5-12.05 Moving Christian Clerics Chair: Philippe Blaudeau (Angers) Rita Lizzi Testa (Perugia), Clerical exile and imperial functionaries: Mechanism of civic exclusion in late […]

Quo Vadis

After the success of Gladiator last November, the next film we’ll be showing is the eight-times Academy Awards nominated 1951 epic Quo Vadis.   We’ll stay with our central themes of travel, mobility and forced movement in the Roman world. In Gladiator, these are issues intrinsically connected with the central character, Maximus. The film is […]