‘The Clerical Exile Database’

9 January 2015

University of Sheffield, Humanities Research Institute, Seminar Room


9.30-10 Project Aims: The Three Strands (Law, Theology, Culture) (Jakob Engberg, Julia Hillner, Jörg Ulrich)

10-11 Database, Maps and Graphs presentation (Dirk Rohmann & Julia Hillner)


11.30-12.30 Approaches to Late Antique Exile I (10-15 mins papers)

Hanns-Christof Brennecke ‘Synods and Exile’

Jill Harries, ‘Letters from Exile: John Chrysostom and Olympias’

Chair/Discussant: Uta Heil


1.30-2.30 Approaches to Late Antique Exile II (10-15 mins papers)

Elisabeth O’Connell, ‘Non-Chalcedonian bishops in exile: the Theban necropolis in the 6-7th centuries’

Harry Mawdsley, ‘Exile in the Post-Roman World’ (presentation of PhD project linked to the Clerical Exile project)
Chair/Discussant: Simon Loseby

2.30-3 How to collect data on late antique clerical exile? (Dirk Rohmann)


3.30-4.30 Group Work on Sources

4.30-5 Discussion of group work: What next for the project?