9-9.30 Coffee

9.30-10 Welcome, The Clerical Exile Project: Objectives and Current Stage (Jörg Ulrich, Jakob Engberg, Julia Hillner)


10-11.15 Clerics and Exile

Melissa Markauskas (Manchester): ‘Some Bishops are More Equal than Others: Re-Assessing the Evidence for Episcopal Immunity from Imperial Jurisdiction before Theodosius I’

Ariane Bodin (Paris-Ouest Nanterre ): ‘Faustus of Praesidium and his exile’


11.15-11.45 Coffee break


11.45.-13.00 Lay People and Exile

Belinda Washington (Edinburgh): ‘The changed nature of exile for imperial women in the fourth and fifth centuries AD’

Jaime de Miguel López (Alcalá): ‘Exile and Prison in Late Antiquity. The Penalties against Pagans during the reign of Emperor Zeno’


13.00-14.00 Lunch


14.00-15.15 East and West

Fernández Aitor (Alcalá): ‘Is that diplomacy? Exilium, confinement and physical punishments within Roman diplomatic practice during the long sixth century’

Harry Mawdsley (Sheffield): ‘Exile in the Barbarian Law Codes: A Comparative Study’


15.15-15.45 Coffee


15.45-17.00 Places of Exile

Noelia Ramirez (Alcalá): ‘Where to banish the convict? The typology of places of exile in North Africa (ss. III-VI)’

Paola Lavarini (Padova): ‘Places and types of exile during the Gothic Kingdom of Italy (1st half of the VI century)’


17.00-18.00 Feedback on the Clerical Exile Database (to be shared beforehand with all participants)


19.00 Dinner